Durum wheat is the crop that is desirable for cultivation in Kazakhstan

Over five hundred participants from Kazakhstan, Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Lithuania took part in the Eighth Asian Agrochemical Forum in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The organizers of the Forum are the largest producers of mineral fertilizers – Kazphosphate LLP, EuroChem JSC, KazAzot JSC as well as The Marker Group information and analytical company. The forum participants discussed the most important issues of dynamics and the responsible development of agribusiness.

Svetlana Dolaberidze talked about the economic and agricultural production and the contributing factors for the production of high-quality grain. She stressed the importance of the quality of wheat in the world market. The climatic conditions in the region with arid hot summers are ideal for producing high-quality durum, and the use of Taganrog and Bourbon will play a key role in improving the economic efficiency of agricultural production.

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