Our Team

Agroliga’s team can boast both Russian and Italian breeders of highest qualifications.

Prof. Svetlana D. Dolaberidze is the managing director and project coordinator, responsible for marketing the new varieties and commercialization of the project.

Svetlana holds PhD in agriculture and has 40+ year experience in agroindustry, has successfully marketed sugarbeet ‘Betaseed’ seeds, wheat varieties, beta seeds, innovative biostimulants, soybean seed and pea inoculants. Co-author of the project for the sustainable production of high-quality wheat grain.

Prof. Peter N. Malchikov is PhD in agricultural sciences, a renown agronomist, heads our research team. Peter has been selection and doing research worki with spring durum wheat for 30 years. He is the co-author of 11 varieties of durum wheat, 8 of which are currently patented and recommended for commercial use.

Natoli Vincenzo is a doctor of agronomics and forestry earned in the University of Bolognia. He is a renown geneticist, head of the genomic selection laboratory. He has extensive professional experience in the development of genetic methods and breeding for over 20 years. Natoli is the co-author of 25 varieties, incl. 13 varieties of durum wheat.