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Аn educational intensive of regional universities “Ostrov 10-22” took place on July the 16th.  The new Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology opened its doors for the representatives of business, federal and regional authorities. More than 2,000 people attended the business program “Big Challenges – Big Bets: Markets, Technologies, Talents and Institutions”.

Agroliga PSC was invited to the FoodNet expert session that discussed trends and prospective directions for the development of innovative projects of Foodnet markets. The speakers were both business representatives and heads of Russian institutes and universities.

The event discussed the prospects for functional and specialized nutrition, the market for food ingredients, new sources of protein, the Internet of things from the field to the plate, the development of city farming, the prospects and program objectives of the Scientific and Educational Centers. The pitch session was devoted to presentations of thematic startups.

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Educational intensive “Ostrov 10-22” is held on July 10th through 22th in Moscow. Its goal is to create and develop teams of regional universities that can implement systemic changes in the field of training for technological development and integration of universities into the system of scientific and technological information. “Ostrov 10-22” is 10 days’ intensive training with 16 hours of educational activities per day, 70+ laboratories supplement 400+ unique master classes, 500+ teachers participate in the intensive, foreign speakers from 9 countries of the world.

FoodNet is on the “road maps”, which includes 5 breakthrough segments: “smart” agriculture, accelerated selection, new sources of raw materials, affordable organic materials and personalized nutrition. The map was developed by ASI experts. It is aimed at creating a regulatory system that ensures the growth and development of STI markets, as well as infrastructure to support projects.

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