Agroligа PSC attended “Strategies for Russia” Forum

Светлана Долаберидзе

“Strategies for Russia” – this was the motto of the events of the II Stolypin Forum, which was attended by the team of Agroligа PSC.

Boris Titov, the business ombudsman, in collaboration with the Institute of Growth Economics. P.A. Stolypin, presented the roadmap to ensure the application of growth in the non-primary sector of the Russian economy. Efficient agriculture is one of the priority growth sectors.

In the panel discussion “Agro-sector: thanks or in spite of”, the issue of interaction between business and the state was very sharply discussed. Entrepreneurs shared their experience in obtaining government subsidies under standard programs. Ekaterina Roganova, executive director of the Association of Bona fide Agribusiness Market Participants, noted in her speech that in order to stimulate the development of the agro-industrial complex, it is necessary to make relations between the state and business more understandable, transparent and stable, which will lead to mutual trust. After all, the issue of trust in society during the implementation of deep transformations is of paramount importance.

The forum was attended by 200 participants: government representatives, Russian and international experts, major entrepreneurs from Russia, France, Israel, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam and other countries.

Summing up the work of the Stolypin Forum, Boris Titov notes: “We are discussing how our country will develop, what development paths there are in the Russian economy: economic diversification, a departure from oil export dependence, limited dependence.”

“A friendly, common work based on mutual trust is the motto for all of us, Russians” – Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin.

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