New varieties of durum wheat will improve the quality of Russian pasta

Svetlana Dolaberidze Agroliga

On April 18, 2019, the company Agroliga Plant Selection Center took part in the Assembly of the Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Russia.

An important guest of the Assembly is Boris Titov, authorized by the President of the Russian Federation to protect the rights of both Russian and foreign entrepreneurs in Russia.

Mr. Titov in his speech touched the most important for Russia topic quality of durum wheat grain. Before the 1917 revolution, Russia was the world’s largest exporter of durum wheat grain and semolina, from which the famous Italian pasta was made. Over the past century, the situation has greatly deteriorated, and only at the beginning of the 21st century our country begins to revive its former greatness. New Russian varieties of durum wheat and the potential of exporting premium grain to Italy became the main issue in the conversation of Boris Titov, the honorary consul of Italy Vittorio Torrembini and the general director of Agroliga PSC Svetlana Dolaberidze.

The topic of durum wheat and pasta production on the territory of Russia was developed by the general director of the company “Barilla Rus” Mikhail Putilin. The last 4 years, the Italian “Barilla” is the fastest growing brand of pasta on the Russian market. The traditional love of Russian buyers is backed by the Italian quality, in the composition of the pasta durum wheat only.

Agroliga PSC expressed the hope that with the beginning of the commodity production of Russian varieties Taganrog and Bourbon in 2020, the Barilla pasta will be 100% made of premium Russian durum wheat.

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