Bread Makers Take Great Interest in Taganrog and Bourbon Varieties

Modern Bakery Moscow 2019

Agroliga PSC team visited the annual exhibition Modern Bakery Moscow, which was held on March 12-15, 2019 at the Expocenter. Modern Bakery is the largest forum in the industry, outlining general trends of baking. This is the main venue for bakeries and bakery specialists with representatives of bakery equipment and ingredients.

The exhibition was attended by over 200 companies producing various ingredients, improvers and ready-made mixtures for the baking and macaroni industry. Many exhibitors offered additives allowing bakeries and pasta factories to “improve” the technological process thus enabling them them to switch to more affordable wheat varieties and significantly reduce raw materials costs.

In particular, the use of durum wheat, as a raw material for the production of bread and pasta, is complicated by unstable quality. Therefore, “Agroligi PSC” project is creating high quality varieties that receive positive feedback from industry representatives.

The new varieties Taganrog and Bourbon were presented to the companies “Ruskhleb”, “Bakaldrin Rus” and “Bakels” – and they all declared their readiness to consider the flour from the grain of the “Russian durum” in their production.

Durum grain is rich in protein and gluten, perhaps the most important ingredients for high-quality bread – these facts have been confirmed by the publisher and chief editor of the magazine “Bakery” Natalia Fit. “One of the optimal parameters of wheat flour for the processes of slowing down fermentation processes (dough proofing) is the protein content of 12.5 – 13.5% and raw gluten 30-35%”, says Bakery magazine, No. 1 February / March 2019.

In the new varieties of the “Russian Durum” Taganrog and Bourbon, created by the Agroliga PSC boast optimal protein and gluten content. Therefore, perfect baking and pasta, flour from our durum varieties does not require additional improvers; bread and pasta will not only be beautiful and tasty, but also healthy!

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