Agroliga CEO Svetlana Dolaberidze Reports at Melcombinat Forum in Petergof

Svetrana Dolaberidze Agroliga

Agroliga CEO Svetlana Dolaberidze makes a report at Melcombinat Forum in Petergof 12-13th September 2018 Sustainable Manufacturing of Durum Wheat to Provide Premium Grain Quality.

Triticum Durum is a niche culture that is grown to process foods: pasta, kuskus, bulgur, pudings, pre-processed breakfasts.

Wheat occupies about 250 million hectares of agricultural lands worldwide, 10% of which are used to grow durum wheat. Top five manufacturers of durum are: Canada with 5 million tons and 2.3 million hectares, Italy with 4.2 million tons, Turkey with 3.8 million tons, Marocco and France with 2.2 and 2.1 million tons respectively. Russia and Kazakhstan are currently at the end of this list consituting 0.8 and half a million tons respectively.

Agroliga Plant Selection Center has developed new efficient durum varieties Bourbon and Taganrog to make Russia the global leader in durum wheat production.

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