Premium Quality Durum grown in the Orenburg Region and Northern Kazakhstan

premium russian durum

Agroliga Plant Selection Center is developing durum cultivars for the climatic conditions of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Russian Durum is grown in ecologically clean areas of the Orenburg Region and Kazakhstan. Steppe of the Orenburg Region and Northern Kazakhstan offers a unique combination of perfect environmental conditions (hot agricultural season and perfect water balance) and ecological cleanliness of the area.

Unlike many fields in Asia Minor, Middle East, the United States and Canada that have been used for centuries and some of the fields are reclaimed after being industrial areas; steppes in the Orenburg Region and Northern Kazakhstan have been turned into arable lands only fifty years ago with no industry ever present there.

Russian legislation is very strict upon the use of pesticides and herbicides, most notably glyphosate, thus Russian authorities provide thorough control over the whole process of growing and collecting the crops.

Learn more about why fields in Russian Orenburg Region and in Kazakhstan grow premium-quality durum. >>

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