Agroliga Plant Selection Center is the Leader in Russian Durum Selection

Agroliga Plant Selection Center

Welcome to Agroliga Plant Selection Center leads at developing new durum wheat cultivars that perfectly suit the climatic conditions of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Developing new durum seed varieties for better crops aims at reducing risk for the entire Russian durum wheat industry and is a key to variety development.

Russian farmers face bad weather, plant disease, insects, rising input costs and fluctuating markets, so it can be tough to make money with traditional bread wheat. So many agriculturists in Russia and Kazakhstan put their eye at durum wheat growing.

“That is why new durum varieties – Taganrog and Bourbon – are so important to Russian wheat growers”, says Dr. Svetlana Dolaberidze, the CEO and the leading researcher at APSC in Skolkovo, Russia. She says. “When two new durum wheat varieties come along offering higher yields, improved disease tolerance, better insect resistance and enhanced end-use quality in terms of color and gluten index, farmers and processors are quick to sit up and take notice.”

Svetlana says, “In developing our news varieties – Taganrog and Bourbon – our scientists aim at ensuring net returns and profitability for the farming industry. The key is to provide substantial reduction of business risk for the producer as well as the processor. Our new cultivars have already been tested by Barilla and De Cecco and achieved rave feedbacks for their gluten indices and color.”

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